Piet Mondrian was a master of colour and geometry and this work is a tribute to his genius. Here the line becomes the colour and the highly polished Perspex reflects the delicate glass and light elements and extends the work from one dimension into the next. The intersections between the glass tubes become focal points of intense activity and change. The streams of light crossing through each other from tubes of blue to green and the faintest touch of yellow, forever moving, never still, never forgotten, Dear Piet ...

Dear Piet, 2014, Flameworked Boro, Neon and Argon on Perspex

Dear Piet, 2014  

Dear Piet, 2014, detail of crossing streams of gas and colour changes

Dear Piet, 2014, Detail of crossing streams of gas and reflections

Dear Piet, 2014, 100cm x 105cm x 20cm, Neon, Argon, Perspex